if you make bomb ass pancakes, you are an option for my life partner. i wish i were joking, but i'm just not.


This article I’m reading about rap music just totally shit on America.

"Many mainstream blacks and whites persist in categorically negative appraisals of rap, refusing to distinguish between enabling, productive rap messages and the social violence that exists in many inner-city communities and that is often reflected in rap songs. Of course, it is difficult for a culture that is serious about the maintenance of social arrangements, economic conditions, and political choices that create and reproduce poverty, racism, sexism, classism, and violence to display a significant appreciation for musical expressions that contest the existence of such problems in black and Latino communities."

I wish I could hug this man right now. Like could he have hit the nail any harder on the head?

(Source: “The Culture of Hip-Hop” by Michael Eric Dyson”)