if you make bomb ass pancakes, you are an option for my life partner. i wish i were joking, but i'm just not.


Transgender woman severely beaten at Baltimore McDonalds.

This is absolutely appalling. Look at all the motherfucking able bodied men who could have easily stopped the situation from escalating just standing there watching. One man halfheartedly intervened, and the only other person who gave any kind of a worthwhile shit was an old woman. COOL AMERICA, LET’S ALL JUST BE FUCKING PASSIVE BYSTANDERS. McDonalds has fired the man taking the video and says they “might” take action with the other employees. Fire all of them as far as I’m concerned, no human being should be treated this way and people who witness such treatment shouldn’t just watch, especially when you are a grown man and the offenders are 18 and 14 year old girls. Honestly.